So, not all my posts have to be about past relationships featuring girls I’ve dated or been with. A friendship is a relationship also. So this post will be about one of my best friends Ahmed. What’s nice is that I can actually use his real name. This will also not be the last post about friends of mine, just so you all know. There are many different kinds of relationships and I intend to explore them all.

Ahmed I’m Glad You’re Not Dead

By Ronald Bolosan

My dearest Ahmed,

Have I ever once said?

Since our childhood now,

That I’m glad you’re not dead?

Something we all know,

Is that you’re Egyptian.

And you’re always able,

To give me a conniption.

But you drive me to class,

Without a complaint.

Plus you’ve never once claimed,

That you were a saint.

Which neither of us are,

Especially with girls.

I’m almost worried to see,

What the future unfurls.

We could watch anime all day,

And read memes all night.

Thank the good lord,

We’ve never had a real fight.

Because I don’t really feel,

Like breaking a bone.

And the end result,

Would me being alone.

Which makes me still wonder,

Why we didn’t talk for those years.

Maybe it had to do,

With my Middle School fears.

But its one thing I regret,

Because we’d be more close.

But we turned out all right,

We each had a good enough dose,

Of one another,

Over the days.

It’s no wonder that,

People think that were baes.

We can talk about life,

And have some discussion.

And our personal opinions,

Have no repercussions.

Because you’re a good person,

And I’ve always known this.

No matter how you think,

Your soul is not an abyss.

I have no doubt of your kindness,

And truly good soul,

Especially when I look,

At you as a whole.

You’re my friend, my pal,

My companion, my brother.

And there is no way,

You’d be replaced by another.

And I may mock you,

Even make fun of your life.

But all that I say,

Should come with no strife.

It’s in good fun of course,

But you’re a true friend.

And I hope that won’t change,

Until my life’s end.





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