Have you ever ben cleaning up your room or just the house in general and you came across something that you haven’t seen in a long time? Then, did you decide to pick it up, and as soon as your skin barely even felt the object, you were flooded with memories of a different time of your life? Well, if you have this is called a sentimental object or, as some prefer, a memento. This is an object untouched by time, and pure as the as the memory it holds. It doesn’t even feel like an object anymore. It’s almost as if it’s a portal to your past, and well you get the idea. The reason I decide to bring this up is because it has to do with one of my past relationships. Perhaps, arguably, my very first relationship. Dating all the way back to Kindergarten, where I was honored with my first kiss, from my first girlfriend, if you care to call it that at such a young age. I would consider her a girlfriend, but that’s not the point. This girl who I shall refer to as One-ette, was the first girl that struck an interest in me, and at the ripe age of five, it was hard to ignore such a thing. The feelings were mutual however, and that’s what made it special. Excuse me, I am going off topic so I’ll get back to the lesson. After some time in our relationship, One-ette decided to bestow upon me one of her bracelets. But not just any bracelet, it was one her late grandmother had given her and it was her favorite. It was a light pink, fake pearl bracelet barely big enough to fit around her wrist, but she wanted me to have it. That meant the world to me and I will never forget that moment. And to make sure I keep that promise, I still have in my possession that very same bracelet. I always come across that bracelet from time to time and each time I look at it or simply touch it, it immediately sends me back to the time when One-ette and I were together, and nothing will ever change that. It is not often one can say they still own something from Kindergarten, and that it is still intact for that matter, but I can, and I have One-ette to thank for that. Had it not been for her care and her kindness all those years ago, I never would have learned the lesson of how important sentimental objects can be. As random as this may seem, I hope I have provided you with a new perspective on things you own that may be paired with a memory that you cherish. And, if not, then I hope the next time you experience something unforgettable, you have something to remember it by.


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